Professional Work

Only published titles are showcased – please refer to my resume for R&D work experience.
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Throne Rush (2013)

Strategy/town builder for iOS, Android and browsers.
Won Facebook staff favorite game award in 2014.

James Bond: World of Espionage (2014-2015)

Collectible card game with strategy and RPG elements for iOS and Android based on popular license.
Developed in partnership with MGM Interactive Inc. and Danjaq LLC.

Other works

Digit War (2012)

Geolocation-based strategy game for iOS and Android, co-developed by Innova Systems and Touch Instinct.
I joined the project as it was approaching open beta phase. My main tasks were:

  • Shaping the monetization features of the game
  • Designing a post-launch update cycle
  • Conducting playtests and analyzing user feedback
  • Balancing game systems based on gathered information and user behavior

Bloodline Champions (2012)

MOBA for PC platforms, localized in Russia by Innova Systems.
I was initially assigned to the project in the role of QA Manager, but was elected by the team to create a detailed design document listing steps necessary to adapt the game to the Russian audience. The plan was then presented to the project owners in Funcom offices in Oslo in April 2012.