James Bond: World of Espionage

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Glu Mobile

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iOS, Android

Game designer

Excel, Confluence, Gliffy,

Project Overview
James Bond: World of Espionage was a free to play massively multiplayer collectible card game with strategy and RPG elements, developed in partnership with MGM Interactive Inc. and Danjaq LLC. It was also the first free to play mobile game in the history of Bond franchise to be released.

Players assumed the role of Controller of their own intelligence agency and advanced through a variety of locations inspired by Bond franchise, eventually taking on the coveted role of “M”, head of MI6 HQ in London. The game featured a single-player campaign and extensive social features including real-time chat, alliances, live events, one on one and alliance on alliance PvP modes.

As a game designer, I owned the implementation of a number of core functionalities, including multiple iterations of PvP system, item crafting and a modular character ability system. I also collaborated with two other game designers in Moscow and two designers in San Francisco to ensure that all game features were correctly integrated and the balance tuning was performed in a timely fashion.

The game’s performance post-release failed to meet the company’s expectations and its servers were turned off in December 2016, but it was considered an important technical and game design achievement, being the first Glu game to feature persistent online battle modes, synchronous PvP and modern metagame with gacha-based monetization. These features were later reused in the company’s other games.